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Doing one thing but doing it well

Now that I’ve decided to share more of my half-baked notes, it’s become much easier to write and publish new things. I feel less pressured because I can write about anything that’s in my head. I enjoy the note-sharing process because it’s more authentic and it connects me with readers.


Learning how to learn as a programmer

Learning new things is exciting. However, knowing what to learn is hard, and the abundance of choices doesn’t help.


Working for someone vs. doing your own thing

I wanted to write about this subject for quite some time and only today decided to finally sit down with no distractions. I put my phone aside and tuned on Spotify’s “focus” playlist. I’ve finally collected my thoughts together. This is a topic that is very close to my heart. It feels like a brain bug that’s been bothering me and forcing me to ponder.

Technical, Personal

Becoming a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

I’ve recently switched careers, from being a product engineer to a site reliability engineer (SRE). I’ve become Buffer’s first SRE this year and learned a lot from my experience. I want to share everything I’ve learned along the way, as well as the challenges I faced.

Technology, Cloud

Why I am excited about Kubernetes

I believe Kubernetes is a lot more than software to manage containerized applications. In this blog post, I tried to share my thinking.


Things you can do as a developer to make more money

In this blog post, I share the ideas that I think you can start exploring today to increase your income. All these ideas require substantial time investment in the beginning, but I think you can do them on the side while keeping your current job.

Remote Work

🏝 Remote Work “Office Hours”

Today I’m excited to announce my new initiative - Remote Work “Office Hours.” I will be dedicating 2-3 hours every week (20 min time slots) to answer your questions about working remotely as a developer. It’s completely free and aims to help everyone who wants to learn more about remote work.


Why You Should Start Writing

Less than two years ago, I had almost zero published articles with no audience of readers. I had hardly written any articles in English, and even if I had, they were part of the curriculum I took at school. However, this never stopped me considering myself an aspiring writer.


What I Learned in My First Year as a Solo Founder

In 2018, I decided to start a side-business. I got into writing, found my true professional passion, generated around $4000 net revenue, and met great people who inspired and helped me.


Ինչ-որ բաներ որ սովորել եմ մինչև 30 դառնալը

Մի քանի օր առաջ ես դարձա 30 տարեկան ու քանի որ սա հոբելյանական տարիք է մտածեցի լավ կլիներ, նախ և առաջ ինձ համար, որ հետ նայեի անցաց տարինեին ու գրեի ինչ-որ կարևոր բաների մասին որ սովորել եմ մինչ օրս: